Save your Time and Money as well as Increase your Email Marketing Revenue!!!


There are several companies that work with an aim to offer different companies with software and marketing solutions. These solutions are highly effective and are easily affordable. The individuals can subscribe leads and increase their email marketing revenue, size, accuracy, and quality of their database. The individuals can get that leads licensed from the companies and save their time and money.

There are a few opportunities to buy leads along with their validity. These are explained below:

  • View lead feed and get free samples
  • Coreg and general internet leads 3 million+ daily
  • Data appending
  • Social media verified leads from numerous networks
  • New domain name owner leads
  • Solar leads for the people taking solar solutions
  • Seniors leads! 55-60+years old leads
  • Pay per call leads
  • High and low risk merchant account services
  • New movers/connects leads for dialing! Great phone data
  • B2B leads!150 k  per day+ great business data
  • Canadian Coreg leads&  B2B daily data available
  • Email and phone validation online software
  • Real time leads 500k+ fresh daily! Many verticals
  • Search engine optimization!!


There are different categories of leads from which one can select and subscribe. The individuals can ask the questions or may see the lead verticals below, so as to subscribe them.

  • Australian leads
  • Coupon/sweepstakes leads
  • All leads
  • Health insurance leads
  • B2B data-3 Feeds
  • Coregistration leads-2 feeds
  • Credit leads
  • Mortgage leads
  • Debt leads
  • EDU leads
  • Auto insurance and warranty leads
  • Business opportunity seeker leads
  • Grant leads
  • New mover/connect leads
  • Bulk leads
  • Fitness leads
  • Domain name owner leads
  • UK leads
  • Home security leads
  • Internet leads and many more.

The above mentioned are for their clients. If an individual has some clients, then he may also ask the company about the program for licensing. The individuals can also ask about their search engine optimization services, data appending services and several other services offered by them. The individuals can get discounts on subscribing leads. Also, he can receive free data for testing.

IN search engine optimization, there are different SEO tools + data bundles available.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Bundle A: Small lead file (including pick verticals)

Yes image submissions

Yes full time project manager

Yes article submissions

Yes content development+ press release+ blog post

Yes search engine submissions

Yes press release submissions

Yes video optimization

Yes yahoo answers

Yes RSS creations and submission

Yes blog commenting

Yes google search engine submission

Yes DOC submissions

Yes contextual links

Yes blog posting writing

The individuals have to pay a suitable price for subscribing this SEO bundle. There are several other bundles also available in SEO.



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